Space is one of my interested area. As it helps to know about those things which are not mystical we can say that many things are hypothetical . In the space history there are many things which are like history in this field. I am very much fond about the astrophysics. Space history comes alive when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became celebrity. These people are pioneer in these field of arena.

NASA has done the commendable in this field. ISRO an organization in the field of space which discovered the presence of water in the moon. But NASA used these information and turned into their favor. UK scientist planning to setup 3 men crew will land on the mass on 2021. There will be no fuel they will use ice from Mars and then with help of Solar Energy they convert into Water and Hydrogen. Hydrogen will be convert into methane due to environment of mars and can be use as “Fuel”

Space is one of the concept which is very much unique and very confusing. We should enjoy our interest and also pay more interest in nature. Nature is the reason why we can survive. Love Nature and Enjoy Every Single day of your life.



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