Language – A Gift to mankind

Language Image Language is the gift for mankind. We can say that language is something which makes human feel like “HUMAN”. They talk, listen and understand. Language is definitely developed by humans for their communication. Language can be verbal and non-verbal (Sign language). Language can also in form of symbols. Ancient Egyptians use symbols to depict how to do a work ? What is the process of doing it. Human evolve so as Language evolve. Sanskrit one of the oldest language in the world. It was developed in Ancient India. 

According to scientists when artificial intelligence is being develop in Robots. They need a language which can run their source module in the machine. They tried many languages like English, French, Italian, Hindi etc. These medieval era language doesn’t fit in the machine. They tried and failed. They thought they should ancient languages. They tried Latin and Sanskrit. Bingo !!! Sanskrit completely fit in their process model, No need of any alteration in the language or source module. We can say that as it is a co-incidence but really is it ?

Time is concept which no one can understand completely. We don’t know how to define it perfectly. Language is the process which helps understand different time period makes them as “History”. Language is by far one of the best innovation happened by mankind. Humans are very much complex animal in this world. They always try to learn something complex. They left all the simple thing by believing that these are simpler, no need to pay attention. That is the point where we all make mistake.

Language has many direction. It is a diverging process, A mother can understand her children’s need just by seeing his/her expressions. They don’t need any words to speak. It is also an example of Language. Language can be simple and it can be different. India is one of the country where there are so many language that many are even start to extinct.  Greece and Italy are some countries which were in their ancient times gave humans so much, but in the medieval period Britishers  were only people who evolve language. They became leader of the country. Language helped Britishers so much that by making proper communications with their colleagues they started their royalty over the world.

Concept working also comes in the language because it helps to share our ideas and process. Concept working also comes into play in the Language process. We are now very much evolved we are even have Computer language, Machine language. We are growing. We need to work on our own concept. This is how we can change history and make history.



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