Friendship – A need for Person




Today is friendship day. 4th August is the day made for friends. Friends make you special and realize your importance in this world. Friendship – A need for person Friendship is one of the most important connections in between two people. It is develop stage by stage and became so strong that you are obliged to find a good friend. When we are in childhood, we became friends by sharing toys, gifts, stationary and foods. In childhood friendship is simple and sweet. There is nothing fake. When we are in our preliminary stage of schooling. Sometimes teacher asked us to Write an article about your “Best Friend”. We think for a moment and confuse whom would i select as my best friend. Thus, it affect my relationship with my other friends. These are things which comes into our simple and sweet minds.

We are sometimes confuse about who can be friend and who can’t be ? Answer to these questions are that anyone can became anyone friend. A kid can became friend to a dog, A mother can became friend of her daughter. Things are changing so are we. Scientist are working on social engineering. In social engineering, the most important concept is friendship. It is one of thing or feel which makes unknown to be known and know to known. God gave us life, we can’t completely enjoy this life, if we don’t have good friends. When ever we go to past we find there were many friends, some became so much important and some completely faded away.


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