Worship – A Way To Meet Our Real Power


Humans are selfish in nature. They only want more and more. This is all what we called “Humans”. We always want things. We don’t need things and when we need things. We use some different things which we usually don’t. We forgotten our “need” and mistaken with the “Want”. This is Human Being. We all know that Adam and God conversation. What God asked him,”Not that fruit” ? But, Adam want that fruit too. Human beings are made up of hope, belief and one thing that is “Greed”. Greed makes the man successful but excellence is still far from that reach. This is how we became to such bad people. Humans are very colorful as compared to other species like dogs, cats, elephants etc. We all have religions Hinduism, Muslim, Christian, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhs. We pray when we need. This is human. Humans are believers whether it are casters, religions, race and many things. But human beings are believing in themselves. We all need to worships the god which is present in us.

Worship makes human being stronger and useful (in terms of helping each other with selfless role). Worship makes them discipline. Human beings are made to belief in somethings and someones. It can be brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt, friends and yourselves.  Specially in Indian Sub-Continent people are believing in some so called Godman. What are they and how they became so much important to people. Can anyone be greater than god ? Is it possible than humans are became god ? No , No chance.  

 Believers are strong people they can do anything. But can they turn something which is impossible ? Yes, they can. Always believe in god and yourself. Believers can do which is next to impossible to them. But due to worship and belief they will able to try and even achieve their targets. So, become Believers of God, Honesty, Truth. Believes makes you more hungry for real knowledge as compared to other artificial knowledge.

This is one of the concept working which i am thinking for sometimes and studying. Believe in God and show your humanity towards anyone that we all are thinking.