Terrorism – A Global disease – Disease Man-made or Natural ?


Stop the terrorism

Concept working today comes out at very larger perspective of a global disease i.e. Terrorism. In recent years there are sharp increment in the terrorism. India, Pakistan, United States of America, United Kingdom. So, really our this lovely world end  this way. United Nation is some what doing something good. United Nation needs support from India, China, United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia and France.

Terrorists are not made from natural. They aren’t formed by God. There are conditions towards terrorism. Terrorism became very serious issues. People of Afghanistan are in dwell in their dreams of peace. Taliban people make the live of Afghanistan’s people so poor. Women can’t do anything own their wishes. Whenever a terrorist get caught, people want to killed him/her at instantaneously. Is this thing will solve the problem. We are just solving the symptoms not the disease. We just ignoring the disease. Concept Working when thought to write on this very article, Many of the people thought that we should write on this cause and make this thing specially to it.

United Nation is the only organization in the world which is globally trusted by almost every human in the world. United Nation works towards Education, Hunger, Health-Care ,Diseases and Peace. United Nation is also working on this serious issue. But, We also know that United Nation also greatly influenced by United States of America and United Kingdom. The time of article when writing was going on there is a terrorist attack happening in the Nairobi, Kenya ‘s Capital. The similar attack which took place in Mumbai, India on Nov 26. Syria is in fire and receiving warning from U.S.A due to “Chemical Weapon”. Somalia pirates are very active in the Africa region, but they can’t do things independently. Al-Qaeda is funding and created the Al-Shabab who planned and attack on the Nairobi, Kenya. Many people were killed. This terrorist want to change the Civilization which was created from 10,000 B.C.E by hatred and Killing.


M.K.Gandhi quoted ,”If you want any change in the world, first change yourself”.

We all know who is Gandhi, the man who truly deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize. But Nobel Committee refused and answered that he wasn’t eligible for this prize. They chose Barack Obama, Current US President over Gandhi. World got the answered for the Nobel Peace Prize. We people also want to discuss the problem but never wants to solve the problem.

Solutions :

Sagar Rout quoted ,”Let the  men trust, again “.

  1. Increase the Communication.
  2. Increase the trust among themselves.
  3. Educate their children and give them proper nourishment.
  4. Give better rehabilitation facility and change their mental disorder.
  5. Understand them importance of happiness and Peace

We need people. We have to understand their feelings and sorrow. We want them to educated and have belief in himself and God. We need people from every stream whether form science, politics, art and sports. We need people who work for people. At last we want to say to all of you that “Believe and Hope yourself and God.”.

Concept Working some comments for this post dedicate to People of Earth.

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