Terrorism – A Global disease – Disease Man-made or Natural ?


Stop the terrorism

Concept working today comes out at very larger perspective of a global disease i.e. Terrorism. In recent years there are sharp increment in the terrorism. India, Pakistan, United States of America, United Kingdom. So, really our this lovely world end  this way. United Nation is some what doing something good. United Nation needs support from India, China, United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia and France.

Terrorists are not made from natural. They aren’t formed by God. There are conditions towards terrorism. Terrorism became very serious issues. People of Afghanistan are in dwell in their dreams of peace. Taliban people make the live of Afghanistan’s people so poor. Women can’t do anything own their wishes. Whenever a terrorist get caught, people want to killed him/her at instantaneously. Is this thing will solve the problem. We are just solving the symptoms not the disease. We just ignoring the disease. Concept Working when thought to write on this very article, Many of the people thought that we should write on this cause and make this thing specially to it.

United Nation is the only organization in the world which is globally trusted by almost every human in the world. United Nation works towards Education, Hunger, Health-Care ,Diseases and Peace. United Nation is also working on this serious issue. But, We also know that United Nation also greatly influenced by United States of America and United Kingdom. The time of article when writing was going on there is a terrorist attack happening in the Nairobi, Kenya ‘s Capital. The similar attack which took place in Mumbai, India on Nov 26. Syria is in fire and receiving warning from U.S.A due to “Chemical Weapon”. Somalia pirates are very active in the Africa region, but they can’t do things independently. Al-Qaeda is funding and created the Al-Shabab who planned and attack on the Nairobi, Kenya. Many people were killed. This terrorist want to change the Civilization which was created from 10,000 B.C.E by hatred and Killing.


M.K.Gandhi quoted ,”If you want any change in the world, first change yourself”.

We all know who is Gandhi, the man who truly deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize. But Nobel Committee refused and answered that he wasn’t eligible for this prize. They chose Barack Obama, Current US President over Gandhi. World got the answered for the Nobel Peace Prize. We people also want to discuss the problem but never wants to solve the problem.

Solutions :

Sagar Rout quoted ,”Let the  men trust, again “.

  1. Increase the Communication.
  2. Increase the trust among themselves.
  3. Educate their children and give them proper nourishment.
  4. Give better rehabilitation facility and change their mental disorder.
  5. Understand them importance of happiness and Peace

We need people. We have to understand their feelings and sorrow. We want them to educated and have belief in himself and God. We need people from every stream whether form science, politics, art and sports. We need people who work for people. At last we want to say to all of you that “Believe and Hope yourself and God.”.

Concept Working some comments for this post dedicate to People of Earth.

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Worship – A Way To Meet Our Real Power


Humans are selfish in nature. They only want more and more. This is all what we called “Humans”. We always want things. We don’t need things and when we need things. We use some different things which we usually don’t. We forgotten our “need” and mistaken with the “Want”. This is Human Being. We all know that Adam and God conversation. What God asked him,”Not that fruit” ? But, Adam want that fruit too. Human beings are made up of hope, belief and one thing that is “Greed”. Greed makes the man successful but excellence is still far from that reach. This is how we became to such bad people. Humans are very colorful as compared to other species like dogs, cats, elephants etc. We all have religions Hinduism, Muslim, Christian, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhs. We pray when we need. This is human. Humans are believers whether it are casters, religions, race and many things. But human beings are believing in themselves. We all need to worships the god which is present in us.

Worship makes human being stronger and useful (in terms of helping each other with selfless role). Worship makes them discipline. Human beings are made to belief in somethings and someones. It can be brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt, friends and yourselves.  Specially in Indian Sub-Continent people are believing in some so called Godman. What are they and how they became so much important to people. Can anyone be greater than god ? Is it possible than humans are became god ? No , No chance.  

 Believers are strong people they can do anything. But can they turn something which is impossible ? Yes, they can. Always believe in god and yourself. Believers can do which is next to impossible to them. But due to worship and belief they will able to try and even achieve their targets. So, become Believers of God, Honesty, Truth. Believes makes you more hungry for real knowledge as compared to other artificial knowledge.

This is one of the concept working which i am thinking for sometimes and studying. Believe in God and show your humanity towards anyone that we all are thinking. 

Friendship – A need for Person




Today is friendship day. 4th August is the day made for friends. Friends make you special and realize your importance in this world. Friendship – A need for person Friendship is one of the most important connections in between two people. It is develop stage by stage and became so strong that you are obliged to find a good friend. When we are in childhood, we became friends by sharing toys, gifts, stationary and foods. In childhood friendship is simple and sweet. There is nothing fake. When we are in our preliminary stage of schooling. Sometimes teacher asked us to Write an article about your “Best Friend”. We think for a moment and confuse whom would i select as my best friend. Thus, it affect my relationship with my other friends. These are things which comes into our simple and sweet minds.

We are sometimes confuse about who can be friend and who can’t be ? Answer to these questions are that anyone can became anyone friend. A kid can became friend to a dog, A mother can became friend of her daughter. Things are changing so are we. Scientist are working on social engineering. In social engineering, the most important concept is friendship. It is one of thing or feel which makes unknown to be known and know to known. God gave us life, we can’t completely enjoy this life, if we don’t have good friends. When ever we go to past we find there were many friends, some became so much important and some completely faded away.

schools kill creativity, really ?

Sir Ken Robinson one of the pioneer in Education field. When we born, our parents wants either engineer or doctor. We can say that a limited number of choices are available. Parents put their children into schools and colleges, students became robots they start to lose their creativity.

I am one of the biggest follower of education, because i think an educated world can solve its more problems as compared to uneducated world. Education helps us to concentrate on the big picture. Education is very much important but from where we should get our education. This is also an important decision to make.

According to the research you can learn more in 2 hours from Google as compared schools. Work for the concept. Good Luck !!!

Language – A Gift to mankind

Language Image Language is the gift for mankind. We can say that language is something which makes human feel like “HUMAN”. They talk, listen and understand. Language is definitely developed by humans for their communication. Language can be verbal and non-verbal (Sign language). Language can also in form of symbols. Ancient Egyptians use symbols to depict how to do a work ? What is the process of doing it. Human evolve so as Language evolve. Sanskrit one of the oldest language in the world. It was developed in Ancient India. 

According to scientists when artificial intelligence is being develop in Robots. They need a language which can run their source module in the machine. They tried many languages like English, French, Italian, Hindi etc. These medieval era language doesn’t fit in the machine. They tried and failed. They thought they should ancient languages. They tried Latin and Sanskrit. Bingo !!! Sanskrit completely fit in their process model, No need of any alteration in the language or source module. We can say that as it is a co-incidence but really is it ?

Time is concept which no one can understand completely. We don’t know how to define it perfectly. Language is the process which helps understand different time period makes them as “History”. Language is by far one of the best innovation happened by mankind. Humans are very much complex animal in this world. They always try to learn something complex. They left all the simple thing by believing that these are simpler, no need to pay attention. That is the point where we all make mistake.

Language has many direction. It is a diverging process, A mother can understand her children’s need just by seeing his/her expressions. They don’t need any words to speak. It is also an example of Language. Language can be simple and it can be different. India is one of the country where there are so many language that many are even start to extinct.  Greece and Italy are some countries which were in their ancient times gave humans so much, but in the medieval period Britishers  were only people who evolve language. They became leader of the country. Language helped Britishers so much that by making proper communications with their colleagues they started their royalty over the world.

Concept working also comes in the language because it helps to share our ideas and process. Concept working also comes into play in the Language process. We are now very much evolved we are even have Computer language, Machine language. We are growing. We need to work on our own concept. This is how we can change history and make history.




Space is one of my interested area. As it helps to know about those things which are not mystical we can say that many things are hypothetical . In the space history there are many things which are like history in this field. I am very much fond about the astrophysics. Space history comes alive when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became celebrity. These people are pioneer in these field of arena.

NASA has done the commendable in this field. ISRO an organization in the field of space which discovered the presence of water in the moon. But NASA used these information and turned into their favor. UK scientist planning to setup 3 men crew will land on the mass on 2021. There will be no fuel they will use ice from Mars and then with help of Solar Energy they convert into Water and Hydrogen. Hydrogen will be convert into methane due to environment of mars and can be use as “Fuel”

Space is one of the concept which is very much unique and very confusing. We should enjoy our interest and also pay more interest in nature. Nature is the reason why we can survive. Love Nature and Enjoy Every Single day of your life.


Concept Working – Introduction


Sometimes in our lives we think that what are we doing ? Is it really we meant to do so ? Is it ? We see many innovation comes from heart. Someone are strongly run by their minds and some by their hearts. Whenever you come with a concept of doing something with your heart, you will perform well. Think of concept that you like to create and then starting working towards them.

Imagination is always greater than Knowledge – Albert Einstein

People find others boring and don’t talk much. Innovation comes from the mother nature ………… Nature is one of the best thing that God provides us constantly. We can also say that Nature is God. In this binary world where everyone has his/her smartphones, tablets, laptops and macs. Our life becoming congested and not working smoothly.  People are talking about next generation technology and they are thinking about what future generation need ? But, they should think about present life style of human being. Our present makes our future. Just think or make a Google Search see how many innovation took place in this modern era as compared to the medieval era. As compared those nothing new, we are just working on those concepts and creating application on those concepts.

I am thinking Why we human becoming so match disturb in our life ? We are just come into the world and live then died. We are doing nothing for the society nor for the nature. Concept working is the process i think helps the human being to focused on their imagination. Just think a new concept and then try to gather more information about that. At starting you face so many challenges because the concept you thought may be thought by someone or maybe not.

Try to work like a child. I like children very much because they are more curious that anyone in human being. Don’t believe me just go near to any child and observe how he/she behave they continuously ask you questions and want to know “What, Why and How” ?

This is the introductory post regarding concept working. Please help yourselves and other friends to know that real talent in your selves.

God bless us and Enjoy the Nature.